Designing doors using artificial intelligence

In the modern world of technology, artificial intelligence has rapidly entered various areas of our lives and has brought about great changes in various types of industries. One of the fields in which artificial intelligence has had a great impact is architecture and interior design. This article examines how artificial intelligence can be used in door design and discusses the new initiatives that have been created in this field.

  • Artificial intelligence in buildings:
    Artificial intelligence plays an important role in door design. This combination of possibilities from artificial intelligence allows designers to transform doors into a new level of automation and interaction.
  • Smart and automatic doors:
    Designing doors that operate intelligently using algorithms and smart sensors. These doors open or close automatically by analyzing the surrounding environment and user needs.
  • Security and privacy:
    Artificial intelligence in door design helps increase security and privacy. From facial recognition to advanced entry detection algorithms, doors with artificial intelligence can enhance the physical security of the environment.
  • Compatibility with the environment:
    Designing doors using artificial intelligence provides the ability to interact with the surrounding environment. This adaptation means changing the operation of the doors based on geographic, climatic or even environmental traffic conditions.
  • New developments in material engineering:
    The use of artificial intelligence in material research allows designers to use new and high-performance materials in the construction of doors. These materials can In addition to improving performance, they also help to create new and beautiful designs.

Designing doors using artificial intelligence is a reference to the past and the future in architecture. These initiatives not only increase users’ possibilities, but also allow designers to create new visual effects that adapt to the environment. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, a bright and innovative future for door design is expected.

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